Border Moons Infinite Universe

Level Design Intern

Multiplayer Maps

Story Maps




Systems Programmer

Level Designer



 Level/UI Designer

Mechanics Programmer

Speak Your Mind

Lead Programmer

Game Mechanics

System Mechanics

Project Descriptions

Border Moons

Bordermoons is an open-world game that assembles several genres together - Sandbox, RPG, and World Building (Infinite Universe Expansion) with a MOBA style multiplayer. Players will be able to dictate how they play through our divergent skill-based progression system that allows the player to tailor their character to their unique playstyle.


Nogareru is a horror survival game playable on PC and Controller. Traverse the planet & evade alien skull-like monstrosities as they comb the land for you. Use the aliens' own skulls to gain new powers to evade them & press forward!

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